Enough Now


I walked into the bedroom, aka Rob’s office, a few moments ago. Having handed over Lilly for a dirty nappy change on our previous encounter, minutes earlier, I was greeted with a gruff “What do you want?” Frequent points of contact can be an occasional drawback to working from home…

What I loved loved loved about that question was the answer that came to me instantaneously:


Today, I don’t want. I have.


Today, I’m feeling great.

I have a fabulous husband, a beautiful baby girl and a cheeky monkey of a dog.

Lilly slept through for the first time ever last night.

I’m doing what I love.

I’m also for the first time getting paid to do what I love, namely writing.

I am about to embark on exciting travels with, and to, fabulous friends.


Today, my little world is just right. That doesn’t mean I’m settling for what is and loosing sight of the big dream. It just means that today I’m celebrating.


Today, I have enough.

2 thoughts on “Enough Now”

    1. Aaah Jen, that’s the thing… you can’t hold on tightly because then you focus already on the feeling not being there. And inevitably, we can’t be in a state of bliss all the time, no matter how much we may want to. Guess the best thing we can do is enjoy it to the full while it lasts!

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