I got the blues


This one’s definitely for the girls.

I’ve been thinking about jeans lately. A lot. Mainly because I had a belated Christmas pressie: I’m now skinny enough to fit into my pre-pregnancy fat jeans. Result! I was so excited; I wore my newfound wardrobe item for two weeks straight without washing. No, I’m not making that up. And I’m counting the hours until they come off the washing line…

Jeans. They must be one of the most versatile garments around. Dress them up with a tailored jacket and heels. Add rhinestones. Dress them down with a baggy sweater and flat boots. Work in the garden or play in a gallery. Make you feel sexy, or comfy, or anything in between. Wear them year-round, come rain or shine.

I didn’t even wear jeans until I was in sixth grade or so. I thought people wearing them were eternally cool. So that was pretty much everybody. My polyester trousers just couldn’t compete. I actually worried at one point that my grades might drop if I scrapped the synthetics and donned the denim. No, they didn’t and no, I am not making that up either! Let’s just say I didn’t exactly ooze confidence at age 11. Although I guess the polyester wasn’t entirely my choice. Still, I could have resisted. Maybe.  

So denim is cool and fitting into a beloved wardrobe staple without the elasticated sides is to be celebrated. And yes, we may all be eternal victims of the fashion industry but let’s face it; nice clothes make you feel good (and nice doesn’t have to be expensive, or branded). Rob often asks me if I’m going somewhere when I put on a bit of lippy. He doesn’t quite get that I might be doing it just for me, just because.

So go on, wear your good stuff on a Tuesday. Your cashmere while weaning. Your hooker heels at home.

Hmmm, must try that last one. With my pyjamas and pearls. Rob would approve.

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