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We all have a story to tell. I believe our story has meaning, even though we may not think so ourselves… mostly because we get too busy comparing our story with everyone else’s!

Yet in giving ourselves and others permission to tell our own stories, we realize that underneath, we all feel the same things. Love, hope, happiness, fear, doubt, rejection, … the list goes on. Life is sometimes good and sometimes messy, often in quick succession. Top of the mountain one minute, depth of the valley the next. Not all the time, obviously. But often.

I’ve tried to narrow down the bits of my story that might be relevant here, and I have failed miserably. So rather than one story, I am sharing a few snippets of what has shaped me and what makes me tick.

So, what inspires my imagination?

I’m pretty passionate about children learning about connecting to and understanding their feelings. Most importantly, I continually strive to understand my own. I may feel like in the last decade or so, I’ve learned a lot about living life in more empowering ways. Whatever I think I’ve learned, my little daughter puts it all to the test – multiple times a day! She constantly reminds me that I am, as ever, ‘work in progress’.

Yet I fiercely believe that in order to set an example for her, I need to be my best. Sometimes (as in most days!), that’s bloody tough.

So I write. Writing makes my soul sing.

Writing connects me back to what I’m here for, and to all the things that get me juiced and excited.

Better than retail therapy. Almost as good as a toothy grin, a sticky hug and a sloppy kiss. <get off me, Jack!>

Beyond writing I also adore knitting (yes, KNITTING!), art, photography, traveling and going for long rambles with my Jack Russell Terrier, Jack (aptly named after Jack Bauer from the TV series 24).


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Pack Your Bags and Go!
If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother


… and sometimes like this…
Sometimes it’s like this…

Oh, and the whole ‘being a mother’ thing?




… and everything in between!



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