Pink Panther

Right, here’s a quick Friday round up… that’s all the brain cells I’ve got left for tonight.

Two days into the FUNdraising challenge, the stakes have been raised. I had a funny feeling this was gonna take on a life of its own. If you haven’t been following the thread on Facebook, these events occurred in real time:

I put out the challenge of becoming a brunette for a month if I manage to raise £430 doing the Moon Walk. Inspired by the Australian friend in New York and the Chinese friend in Germany, we now have the following target:

£430 – brunette

£590 – red

£750 – pink (yikes!!!)

(I just noticed that my first attempt at splitting the difference between £430 and £750 turned out to be wrong. I blame baby brain. Note that no one else spotted it.)


So I’m up for the challenge. I just trust that my hair doesn’t actually turn green from all that colouring by the time I turn 40 this summer.

You can access my fundraising page here:

I also vow to contact as many of you as possible directly in some form but please don’t wait to donate! 😉


So, pink. Fitting colour choice for a breast cancer charity, I admit. But pink hair? What was I thinking?

Yet again, I blame baby brain.





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