Pyjamas and Pearls


I am a mother and a writer.


This is one of my new mantras. A poignant reminder that I can be, and indeed already am both. Now I know that’s not revolutionary. After all, we wear different hats all the time. So in addition to being a mother and a writer, I already am a lot of other things too: I am a wife, a lover, a sister, a friend, etc.

I suppose the difference with writing is that it is something new I am allowing myself to explore and thus I figured it would be nice to have some kind of anchor. In case I forget in amongst Lilly cuddles, new mummy coffee mornings, dog walking and nappy changes.

In the movie version of Sex and The City, there are two scenes where Carrie Bradshaw is in bed wearing pyjamas and pearls. I love that. It’s impractical, of course. It even looks a little odd – like playing dress up at bedtime. But it’s also fun and whacky and different (unless everyone is wearing beads in bed these days and I’ve totally missed the trend in amongst those nappy changes). Most importantly, Carrie Bradshaw is a writer. So I went to the local charity shop and got me some beads.

I haven’t worn them yet but they are hanging over the reading lamp next to my sofa. Alongside Lilly’s nursing necklace. So I can see them during the day, and when I actually sit down in the evenings to write. And I am sure one day soon I will wear them when I’m all snuggled up in my pyjamas. So much more chic than wearing a hat, no?!

And in case you’re wondering about the nursing necklace, it’s a contraption that is supposed to keep your child interested in feeding once they get to an age when just about everything else in the room is more interesting than milk. It’s designed to withstand overexcited and incessant tugs and is probably strong enough to pull an 18-wheeler truck. It also has bells that, appropriately enough for the season, make me sound like Santa’s sleigh.

Ho Ho Ho.




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