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I love ideas. And I’ve always had lots of them. I’m an ideas kind of a person. I don’t always worry about how, or if, they will materialize. Often I just want to make something happen without considering the logistics of it all. Rob will attest to this. He has been left on the executing side of my ideas on numerous occasions. Like my desire to have fishbowls as centrepieces for our wedding, leading to conversations like this:

Where will the fish come from?

A shop?

And what will we do with them afterwards?

I don’t know. But I want them.

(Note: We got married in a country house hotel in France. None of our guests were local; nor had any interest in fishy favours. In the end, the fish served their wedding day duty and went back to the shop. I framed it as spending €60 to hire them for 48 hours. I’m not sure how Rob framed it, but he executed the whole thing brilliantly.)

Anyway, I digress. Ideas. Not that I always follow through on all of them. I’m not sure that you are meant to. I read the other day that some ideas are only meant to flirt with you. To get you excited and to keep you going. In the end, you may decide that they are not for you. Or that it’s not their time… yet.

I have absolutely no idea where I am going with this. But you can’t be serious all the time. And I am trusting the process. Who knows what might happen?

Maybe we should all flirt with our ideas more often. Without worrying about the how. After all, what’s wrong with a harmless little flirt?

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