Money Money Money


The other day, I mentioned my second challenge for 2012 beyond writing a daily post for one month. So here goes:

In May, I am doing the Moon Walk ( It’s a marathon-length walk through London to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research. You walk throughout the night. In your bra. Whilst howling at the full moon. <just kidding on the last one>

Which leads me to the subject of money. Because inevitably a challenge organized by a charity involves fundraising. Not my strong point. So I was pondering how I could make it more fun, and what I could do to go beyond simply asking people for money. This is ignoring the fact that walking a marathon overnight in your bra is a challenge in itself. I guess I wanted to spice things up.

I thought about shaving my head but that might get me divorced. But the hair theme stuck. After all, hair is a big thing for us girls. And I’ve never been particularly adventurous with mine. Yes, I have gone from straight to curly and long to short but mostly I stay with the same style for years. And I have always been blonde. With varying degrees of chemical enhancement I admit… but blonde.


So here’s my cunning plan:

If I raise £430 between now and May, I’ll become a brunette for a month. And I’ll blog about the experience. After all, they say that blondes have more fun. I am prepared to cross over to the dark side and find out.  You can make your donation under my name here:

Two of my team members have been rather successful on the fundraising front already. Both blondes. So my competitive side is itching to get in the game.

So please help me put the fun back into fundraising!

Any amount welcome. In any currency. After all, if every one of my Facebook friends contributed as little as £1, we’d be there in no time. It’s about momentum really. And the sooner I raise £430, the sooner I become a brunette! <gulp> Which may not get me divorced but might get me banned from the bedroom. I’m willing to risk it.


PS: Just be like Jack – BE UP FOR IT!

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