Rascals And Rest


So far, my RAK project isn’t going too well. Or rather, differently from what I had envisioned.

Today and Friday, I basically ended up taking care of myself. Now this is not a cop out. Well, sort of. I knew it would happen at least once in 30 days, I just didn’t expect it to crop up this early. On Friday, I dragged girl and dog around the neighbourhood at a brisk pace. I’m not gonna be fit for the MoonWalk if I keep leisurely strolling. Curled up in bed well and truly knackered at a ridiculously early hour. Much the same today, with an added dive into a hot bath. The girl’s been a bit grizzly for a few days and lack of sleep is getting to me.

Now taking care of myself is not always my forte. There’s a biblical saying that you should love your neighbour as thyself. But as one of my mentors says: “If we treated our neighbours as we treat ourselves, we wouldn’t have any neighbours left.” Meaning that we treat ourselves pretty poorly at times, rushing around and criticising ourselves for not doing enough. Not what you’d do to a neighbour really. Still, I always seem to expect my body to go along with all the great and exciting things my mind and spirit want to do. Although I suppose you can’t really take care of others when you don’t stop to take care of yourself. Not without entering martyr territory, anyway.

At least on Saturday I was back on the job. Bought coffee for the local flower man at the station. He’s always out with his portable stand, come rain or shine. Of course in the process of juggling the girl and two hot drinks, I ended up spilling coffee on the pushchair. Guess I never said I had to be graceful about the whole kindness thing.

And what’s almost as exciting as RAK’s and early nights is that I have a new word: scallywag.

It means something like rascal, scoundrel, one who is playfully mischievous. Rob used it the other day announcing a scallywag at three o’clock when Jack sneaked up onto the bed for an uninvited cuddle. Love it! Ranks right up there with serendipity.

And I guess for now, serendipity is me, the scallywag and the sofa. And sleep…

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