Challenging Stuff

cluttercartoonAs I mentioned before, I am on a perpetual decluttering mission. But I feel as though I am being tasked to take things to a new level.

The message to shift stuff that is no longer of use to me is coming at me from all angles. And for good reason, as the things we hoard are both a physical space drainer as well as a metaphor for everything we hold on to that no longer serves us.



My latest reminder on the subject came via a Facebook post from this excellent site:


If like me the thought of doing a spring cleanse and detox just doesn’t feel right with the cold weather then there is another way…

If you want to regain some lost energy, removing broken, unused and unwanted items from your home and work area is just what you need, even if it’s just sifting through that mound of paperwork or admin. For each and every item that is brought into your home, there is some type of energy attached to it. Start de-cluttering and thinking more carefully about items you choose to have in your home.

Why not try committing to getting 100 items out of your house in the next month or so. It sounds a lot but I promise you, once you get started it will be so cleansing.


In addition to this making complete sense, I am always up for a challenge, so I am upping the ante to getting rid of 150 things between now and April 15.

Yes, 150 is a lot, basically 5 things a day, but I am kind of excited. I already have some thoughts on what will be moving out over the next 30 days, but more on that later.


For now, how about if we support each other in this? After all, what better time to do a little spring cleaning, knowing that spring will come eventually, even in the UK?

Post your personal target for items to get rid of by April 15 either here or on Facebook, and let’s keep each other motivated and on track.


From clutter HQ, I shall be reporting on progress!



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