Did It!


Right, it’s January 31 and I have blogged for a whole month! With one day off. I still call that a result. I am guessing by quality control standards, a 97% success rate is pretty good. That’s what I’m gonna chose to believe anyway.

Most importantly, I’ve had fun. Loads of it.  And if someone had told me two months ago that I would find time to write every day, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Some people have actually wondered why it is that I have time to write a blog but I don’t have time to clean my living room. It’s a simple matter of priority. After Lilly has gone to bed and I have fed myself, I claim ‘me’ time. Even if it’s just a few hours before I succumb to the couch. Well, that’s all it ever is, really. But I refuse to clean, tidy or scrub after hours. It either gets done during Lilly’s waking hours or it has to wait. That’s why my abode is not Domestic Goddess territory. It’s also why I’m still relatively sane, considering the circumstances.

Some of you have also asked if I intend to continue writing. And the answer is of course a resounding HELL YES! You’re only a writer if you write, for starters. And I am loving it. And I am super chuffed about all the support and feedback I’ve had. I’m now gonna aim for two or three posts a week so I can focus on some other bits like getting an agent and write my next book. More about that in future, I’m sure.

Speaking of feedback, I’d love to know more about who is actually reading this blog. So Rob suggested I do a quick survey. Yes, I’m married to Mr Marketer. And I am quite pleased I was quickly able to knock one up. So I’d be even more super chuffed if you could answer a few questions for me here:


I know, I know, it’s kinda a pain in the neck, but would ‘ya, please? Now? I promise it’s only four questions so won’t take but a mo. And you don’t have to give any of your details either. Ta and big hugs for that one!


So for now, I’m off to celebrate. I’d love champagne but it messes with my head. I’m thinking a snooze on the couch will have to do.

Yes, my life is that exciting! 😉

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