New Dawn

So, today is not just ‘a new dawn, a new day’ as Michael Bublé would swoon.  It’s the first day of a whole new year. And not just any new year but one that has been rumoured to bring all sorts of fundamental energy shifts.

Despite the hype, I had a quiet start to 2012… dinner and a movie in, an intermittently waking babe and a dog drugged on Rescue Remedy to take the edge off the fireworks. The hubby and I took time to review the highlights and lowlights of 2011, which on the whole was thankfully more high than low.

I’ve also been pondering what’s in store for me in 2012. I think my motto is gonna be to show up. I’ve had a lot of references for this lately, some of which are likely to crop up in future posts.

For now, there are two challenges I have been plotting. One is to write a blog post every day for a month. And as it happens, January lends itself to this kind of resolution.  New dawn, new day and all that.

Now, I wish I could say that I’ve used the time between the holidays wisely and planned what I might write about. But I haven’t. There’s no secret mind map with 31 clever ideas waiting to be developed, nor a stack of half-written posts. There’s just me having tried all sorts of angles to convince myself that this is a bad idea. I mean, who has time, with broken nights, Lilly’s persistent aversion to daytime sleep, dog walks and all?

But there you have it, I’m gonna do it anyway. A friend of mine is going back to work in a few weeks with a six month old. People are climbing Mount Everest. (Yes, in my mind, both fall into the same category of effort.) So surely I can knock out one measly, semi-engaging post a day. (I am scribbling this one on a piece of paper in the car on the way to a pub lunch. No, I am not driving. I am in the back seat assigned to periodically putting the dummy back in and longingly watching those little eyes for any signs of wanting to go to sleep.)

So, be up for it. Whatever IT may be for you.

And the other challenge? Aaah, you just gonna have to keep on reading! 😉

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